Our studs are available at stud for good quality bitches . frozen and chilled semen available shipping world wide - many succesful litters was born with chilled semen from Tytan, Chuck and Tj

Fresh/chilled semen can be export all over the world in 48 H max !


The choice to do an artificial insemination instead of natural mating has many advantages. It provides convenience for owners and breeders. It eliminates the cost, risk and time involved in shipping dogs.

With artificial insemination you don’t risk injury to either the dam or the sire from aggression, pulling away, over-zealousness, etc. You also don’t risk infection to either canine.

Another benefit of Artificial insemination is its exactness. Semence quality and quantity is known before insertion.

We offering semen from our studs for artificial insemination .

Express worldwide shipments of fresh chilled semen or frozen semen can be done.

At the same time it is possible to make an arrangement to draw semen from
Tytan, Chuck , Tj in your country for later insemination

Please be welcome to contact us by Email so we can clear the details.

Amélie Chaine
Kennel "Des Terres d'Armor"